Spot Removal

Accidents Happen.

Every household has little accidents. Maybe you spilled a glass of red wine on your white carpet. Maybe one of the kids spilled some Kool-Aide. Maybe you were doing some painting and dripped some paint on the carpet. Accidents happen, and that's why I'm here. These are difficult stains, but there is a very good chance they can be removed completely, if treated properly. You may think that you have an impossible stain in your carpet and your best option is to cover it up and plan on replacing the carpet someday. However, a lot of these “stains” can be removed.

The reason people have such difficult is they don't have the right product for the right spot. Someone spills some red wine or Kool-Aide and then they go get their bottle of spot cleaner from under the sink. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't. The problem is that removing a spot depends on the chemistry of the spot and the chemistry of the spot remover. One cleaning product isn't going to remove every spot. As a professional I have about a dozen different products at my disposal so that I can treat a spot with the right product.

Let's look at some of the things you can do at home so that you have the best chance of getting that spot out, but first we better look at some of the things not to do.


  • Make the spot worse.
  • Scrub the spot with a brush. It's tempting, but you can damage the carpet and spread the spot by scrubbing.
  • Use chlorine bleach. Chlorine bleach is a bad choice for carpet spots. I've seen bleach eat through carpet, as well as a stainless steal pot. You may think it's your only option, but it's not. The best case is that it strips the color from your carpet. The worse case is that it eats away at the carpet fibers. So you either need to pay to have your carpet re-dyed or you pay to patch or replace your carpet.


  • Use a carpet protector, like Scotchgard. I can apply Scotchgard after my cleaning and I'll include my got your back guarantee. Carpet proctors, like Scotchgard, will help protect your carpet from the little accident that are bound to happen.
  • Remove as much of the spot as possible. If it's liquid, like red wine, blot with a towel as much as you can. If the spot has chunks of material like salsa, scoop the chunks up first with a spoon. If the spot is a dry power, vacuum the area as thoroughly as possible.
  • Use the right product for the spot. If you have any doubt, please don't hesitate to call.